Series 2010-01/02 Cold Pastry Blocker (Pneumatic)

Pie Designs and Solutions' revolutionary pastry blocking and forming machine is the perfect solution for high volume production of Pie Bases, Pie Lids/Tops, Tart Shells, Pizza Bases, Rotis, Biscuits, Cookies and even Hamburger Meat Patties.
No elements, no heat. We have successfully invented the world’s first high volume production system for cold forming pastry products.
Why? Because hot blocking destroys the pastry’s texture, properties and taste by melting the fat layers, essentially killing and preventing the pastry from rising and performing as it should, particularly with sweet and puff pastries. To achieve the highest quality in pastry production, pastry has to be cold worked and worked as little as possible.

Cold Pastry Blocking/Forming
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pie-blockers-and-formers-piesHigh pie production capacity: As many as 1 028 units per hour is achievable. Production capacity is relevant to process, and will therefore be as high as one is organized and efficient. Unique internal lift mechanism lifts the finished product out of the tool. Enabling quick damage-free unloading of product. Our internal lift mechanism is standard in all our machines.

Cavity based precision dies. Pastry does not spill over the edges, so there’s no need to trim or neaten up by hand like with conventional blockers making it the perfect solution for finish forming of Tart Shells. The entire product (including the edges and rim) is finish-formed to a consistent thickness. This feature guarantees that excess is minuscule for pie making at only 5% after Lidding/Sealing or Crimping, in comparison to 20-35% which is the case with conventional blockers and traditional manufacture. This is innovative bakery equipment design.
Zero wastage production.
Besides its speed, the greatest advantage is that any excess pastry trimmed in the Lidding/Crimping stage of pie production which is only 5% can be recycled through the process without any negative affect. This includes Scotch Puff pastry and even French or High Puff type pastries (laminated). Effectively creating 0% wastage. No other system in the world can claim this.
Simple, yet advanced bakery equipment design.

Seriously Tough, hard-working machines equipped with the worlds best pneumatics
All pneumatics in our machines are standardized to ISO global specification, and are readily available anywhere in the world. We build our machines with the highest quality and toughest pneumatics the world has to offer, that's why we only use Hannafin Parker's Viking Xtreme pneumatics and Parkers Legris Stainless Steel Fittings range. This said, there has never been a pneumatics failure of our Blocking Machines since their inception.
As with all our products, we have gone to great lengths, taking more than two years in development, testing and over-designing it. Ensuring you of solid, sound equipment that you can profit from without the fear of equipment failure.
All tooling is manufactured from food approved materials, unlike most other forming systems which commonly use cast irons and even wood, which is a health hazard.

The Pie Design and Solutions blocker,
* Works any pastry type including delicate laminated puff pastries
* Provides ever-consistent product quality, thickness and most importantly, consistent density
Versatility like no other. Produces a wide range of product from container type, both simple and complex, as well as forms flat pastry
* Accommodates almost any of shape and size from party and cocktail pies to large 228mm (9inch) family pies
* Supports simple quick tool changing, which can be accomplished in only 1 minute
* Designed and manufactured to the strictest International Baking Standards (BISSC)
* Guaranteed low running costs, being fully pneumatic (air driven)
* Fully portable, compact and maintenance free
* Simple and safe to operate

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