Series 2012-01 Manual Cold Pastry Blocker

Tough, hard-working machines.
We have spent many months developing an alternate manual Cold Blocking/Forming solution that is a more affordable start-up production option. As with all our products, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that they are maintenance free and suitable for hard-working conditions. This ensures you of solid, sound equipment that you can profit out of, without fears of equipment failure.


Unlike our Pneumatic Blocker, product is not air released. As such, a barrier in the form of wax paper, sandwich wrap or plastic wrap is required between the pastry/dough and the tooling to prevent sticking. This is both a simple yet quick and an effective solution, where the non stick barrier is simply peeled off and re-used, with the results being similar to what is achieved with our Pneumatic Blocker.

For now, product is limited to round pies or product up to a maximum diameter of 250mm or 10" (inches)


Our Manual Cold Blocker is the ideal solution for low and medium volume production operations of small pies, tart shells as well as large family pies. Production capacity of a few 360 pies per hour or 2800 plus pies per day is possible depending on product size.

Also unique to our blockers, all the tooling is manufactured from food approved materials, unlike most other blocking systems which commonly use cast irons and even wood, which is a health hazard.

Works with all pastry types including puff.

* Manufactured from Stainless Steel, Aluminium and food approved engineering plastics

* Suitable for forming pie bases and lids (flattened pastry disks) as well as tart shells, pizza bases, hamburger patties, preform roti leaves and more

* Supports simple quick tool changing so you can build up a wide variety of tooling to suite your production needs

* Offers extremely low running costs being electricity and air free

* Is fully portable, compact and maintenance free

* Designed and manufactured to suit European Baking Standards

* Is simple, ergonomic and very safe to operate


Manual Cold Blocking Machine
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Pie-Designs-2012-01-Manual-Cold-Pastry-Blocker-Open Pie-Designs-2012-01-Manual-Cold-Pastry-Blocker



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