Series 2012-01 Manual Dough, Pastry and Fondant Roller/Sheeter

 Our Manual Dough Roller/Sheeter has been designed and manufactured, like all our machines, to the highest quality standards. The perfect asset for any dough and pastry rolling, also perfect for fondant or any product that requires fast consistent rolling even clay. Ideal for the South African roti and samoosa industries. Perfect for both bakery production and home use. For any baker this machine will be a welcome asset, affording a greater versatility within your business.

                       Fondant and Pastry

Video One (2012)
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Fondant and Pastry          
    Video Two (2013)             
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Features that make our Manual Dough Sheeter innovative and a must have asset in your business or home kitchen,

* Requires no lubrication, no maintenance and is electricity-free

* Portable, light weight. Weighs only 16 kg

* Is manual, small and ergonomic enough to easily operate in any home kitchen

* Stainless Steel pick-up trays fold up comfortably for easy storage in small spaces like your pantry or kitchen cupboard or under the counter

* Simple, effortless and accurate with precision thickness adjustment from 0,17mm (0,007inch) to 50mm (1,97inch) as shown in Video Two (One handle revolution = 1,5mm)

* Perfect for the fast rolling out of pie pastry, pizza dough, samoosa dough, roti production and fondant. Absolutely anything that requires rolling even clays.

* Has an industrial width capacity to roll product as wide as 485 mm



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