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Pie Designs & Solutions is your global source for pie machines and related equipment. Providing innovative, affordable profit based solutions to the pie manufacturing, baking and catering industries . From the smallest cocktail or party pie to large family pies in ANY shape, be it container type, Fold Over/Cornish or Empanada pies.
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We're more than just pie machine innovators; Purposed in providing you with everything you need to learn, plus the tools and equipment needed, all in one place.
Our coming new site has taken a year to build; With more products and valuable content, content and tutorial information that you've been searching the web for. All in one place; Better looking, easy to navigate and includes fondant and cake making plus lots of previously hard to find information.

Click on the image below to get an overview of how our systems will profit you.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of pie making machines, equipment and processes. We also supply a host of additional equipment to fulfill all your baking and catering requirements.
Our solutions are guaranteed to up to your net profits by at least 100% and more, by streamlining your manufacturing processes and reducing your costs.
Pie Designs & Solutions makes your pastry, and pie manufacturing a breeze. Ever thought that there has to be a better, simpler way of doing things, in particular, making pies?
We believe in simplicity, working smarter and not harder. We have many years of experience in the aeronautical, automotive, optical and food industries to mention but a few, as well as extensive knowledge of pie manufacturing and all that is related. By combining our experiences and being dedicated in finding and creating solutions, we have been able to revolutionize the way pies are made forever.

"Our customers are always guaranteed consistent quality. Also true to your claims, our manufacturing costs have reduced and our profits have improved. We are able to produce our volumes of pies using a 1/3 of the staff previously needed  and still do so in half the time." - Simple Simon Pies

 Pie production cannot get any simpler, cheaper or more profitable.

We have permanently eradicated the risks and dramatically reduced the costs of pie manufacturing for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our pie making machines, bakery equipment and innovative solutions eliminate tiresome labour reliant processes. No more water or egg washing of pastry surfaces prior to sealing. No more manually venting your sealed pies. And gone are all those time-consuming labour intensive in between pie making processes.

Using the Pie Designs and Solutions system, you will produce value-packed, deliciously consistent pies that will never split open during baking or while being eaten. And you'll be pocketing more profits than ever before. We design and manufacture pie machines and bakery equipment for an almost unlimited range of pie size and shapes.

We are able to assist you in streamlining your process and profits by,

* ensuring your staff can't have a bad day and ruin your product,

* caring about your success and being focused on minimizing your risks,

* eliminating all the complexities of your pie manufacturing and production process,

* through innovations that eliminate all the labour intensive aspects of pie production,

* eliminating your product reject rate with pies that split open and leak while being baked,

* ensuring customer confidence in having your pies and pastry products look great all the time,

* being able to be your premium, "One Stop" supplier of all your bakery and catering equipment needs.

* providing solutions that are simple and ergonomically friendly to use, making it easy for you and your staff,

* through massive reductions in your manufacturing costs, such as less flour, less electricity and reduced labour costs,

* eliminating the high rate of common wastage associated with the process which was a traditional 'given' until till now,

* supplying you with pie machines which are maintenance-free and won't put your production at risk and as such giving you peace of mind,

* pie machines that produce high volumes of pies while providing extreme life at the lowest cost with maximum consistency and perfect duplicity,

* providing you with high quality, genuinely affordable industrial equipment as well as consultation solution based services such as production layout and manufacturing best practices,

* ensuring short and long term growth of your enterprise in assisting you with the confidence to take on more business without the fear of non-delivery. Providing you with the confidence that your production is smooth and profitable, allowing you to focus on running your business more effectively,

Visit our Technologies page to understand why we claim our machines are so advanced. Also we'll explain how we incorporate and practice the purposed principles we include in our pie machine designs, that simplicity is the key, technology applied correctly is simple, and innovative solutions are about finding better ways of doing things. The simpler the better, the more profits in your pies.

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